Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Hilarious Early Chapter Book

I remember when my kids were at that in-between stage of learning to read. They had more or less mastered the early reader books and were ready to try chapter books. But so many chapter books were just too difficult (and too long). It was hard to find fun and interesting books at their reading level. If only Bad Kitty Gets a Bath had been around 14 years ago.

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, by Nick Bruel, is a hilarious early chapter book. The language is fairly simple, it has terrific black and white graphics, and did I mention it's laugh out loud funny? The story shows the trials and tribulations of giving Bad Kitty a bath, which is no easy feat. For example, it lists the items you will need before getting Kitty to the bath such as: washcloth, soap, dry towel, a suit of armor, and lots and lots of bandages. Anyone who has a cat will relate.

There are interesting facts from "Uncle Murray" sprinkled throughout the book, so you end up learning a fair amount about cats (especially their bathing habits). Readers who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books will be thrilled to discover Bad Kitty. Plus, since the book is 125 pages long, kids will feel a real sense of accomplishment when they get to the end.

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
is also a good book for the reluctant, slightly older reader. Its humor will appeal to even the most jaded 5th grader. In fact, in Kirkus Starred reviews they put the age range for the book from 5-12. I highly recommend it!

Booknosher Tidbit: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath has been awarded a 2009 Gryphon Honor for transitional reading by The Center for Children's Books at the University of Illinois.

If you want to read other Bad Kitty books, check out the picture books: Bad Kitty and Bad Kitty Cat-Nipped Edition. Perfect for younger kids (equally as funny).


Nick Bruel said...

A lovely review, and very accurate as to my intentions with this book. Thank you.

For what it's worth, "Bad Kitty Gets A Bath's" success has prompted my publisher and myself to make more chapter books. Look for "Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty" in September.

Robin Gaphni said...

I can't wait! Thanks for the heads-up.

The Book Chook said...

It sounds like fun. I do agree that we need more engaging junior novels, and I particularly like the idea of lots of pictures.

LeahPea said...

My six year old son LOVED "Bad Kitty Gets a Bath" and "Happy Birthday Bad Kitty". Hilarious! I loved them too! (I couldn't help reading over his shoulder as he kept laughing out loud).
Your review is right on in that the books were perfect for his "in-between" reading level and he was SO proud of himself for reading such a long book!

Robin Gaphni said...

I agree with you, Leah. I hope that Nick Bruell has some more "Bad Kitty" books up his sleeve.